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Hawaii Adventure – 7/5

The fifth day of our Hawaiian adventure started out pretty relaxed compared to our other days. There was no rush waking up and everyone definitely enjoyed the good night sleep. CJ, however, chose to get up early in order to thoroughly explore the beautiful property that we are staying on and say good morning to Knobs McGee, the owners dog. Tyler, Brody and Noa prepared a quick and easy breakfast, avoiding any treacherous pancake making. (See July 3rd blog.) after that, we all piled into the van to revisit the volcano national park that we explored yesterday. We particular enjoyed seeing the sea arches which andrew described as “fire” and the ancient stone engravings we discovered. Eloise found the whole experience to be very memorable, and fun but also windy. On the way back, we listened to rap, Lana del ray and electronic music. This resulted in Briana, Lily and Ruby bellowing the lyrics at the top of their lungs. Shattering a couple of ear drums in the process. Instead of exercising her vocal chords, Aphra, took to exploring her more creative side by making a whole wrist of friendship bracelets. Afterwards, we had a couple of free hours to ourselves and took the opportunity to catch fish in the pond, say hi to the horses and play volleyball. Livia demolished the opposing team with her incredible serves while Parker showed off his skills by power punching the ball all the way into the tents, far having the court. Next came the challenge of making dinner. The cook crew absolutely knocked their responsibilities out of the park by making a mean chicken curry, which everyone found particularly delicious. Lastly, we concluded our day with a very nice evening meeting going over our hero’s and highlights of the day, learning a Hawaiian word and figuring out who the next leader of the day will be: congrats Tyler! Overall, it is widely agreed that today was a perfect balance of adventure, bonding and good food. We can’t wait for the new experiences the next day will bring. Thank you!

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