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Hawaii Adventure 1- July 7th

Today we woke up early and ate breakfast. After our usual morning routine we all piled into the van and as usual we jammed to music all the way to our destination, Papakolea Beach, one of four in the world with green sand! Before we commenced our hike to the beach we all got pineapple lemonades from the friendliest local woman, Hazel. She taught us a new Hawaiian phrase and shared watermelon with us. They were extremely refreshing and delicious in the blazing sun. After about three miles of walking we finally made it to the beach. The water was an absolutely stunning shade of blue and lucky for us we got to take a swim in it! The waves for very strong so we stayed close by to shore. Parker, Brody, Andrew, Tyler, CJ, Lily, and Aphra swam while Livia, Eloise, and Noa napped on the lovely green sand. Ruby and Briana left the beach with tans (not burns!) that they were super happy about. After the hike back we bought ingredients to make quesadillas! While cook crew worked their magic, the rest of us washed off all the dirt and dust from today in our luxurious outdoor showers, enjoying the toasty hot water. Dinner was so delicious and exactly what we needed after a long day. Today was full of adventure and fun and we can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!

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