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Hawaii Adventure 1- July 14

Our first activity for today started at 10am, allowing us to sleep in! Some of us however, decided to wake up early to explore the nearby tamarind trees to pick the tasty fruits. After a quick breakfast we walked down to the beach close by to our campsite. There we began our community service with the Friends of Ho’Okena. Raina, the woman in charge of our cleanup, told us some quick ground rules and the history of the area. Then we split into groups of different responsibilities. Some raked leaves, some sorted trash + recycling, and some moved massive palm tree leaves. Afterwards we came back to our campsite and switched into our swimsuits, ready for a chill day on the beach. At the beach Ruby, Lily, and Briana got right to sun tanning but Parker, Tyler, Brody, and Andrew jumped straight into the refreshing waters. Noa whist fully dabbed in the sandy shore, playing in the coming waves. Livia, Aphra, and Eloise indulged in an extensive read on some awesome topics. All stationed under the shady tree, away from the harsh sun. A quick ice cream stop later and we settled in for an amazing dinner of Venezuelan arepas, spearheaded by CJ. They were so tasty and an amazing treat to have at camp. We quickly led our evening meeting, with bellies full of delicious food, before headed to bed in the rain.

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