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Bold Earth Adventures

Hawaii adventure 1- 7/6

On the sixth day of our bold earth adventure we went through our morning routine which consisted of eating breakfast and packing up our campsite to move to our third location. Sadly, we had to say a heartfelt goodbye to knobs McGee, the owners dog. On the drive to our next site we stopped at 2 beautiful waterfalls! One being rainbow falls! Brody described them as “beautiful, I low key want to swim in them.” They must have been 50 feet tall and had these bright green pools that flowed into them. According to the myth Maui’s mother – Hana – was being tormented by the giant lizard Kuna who lived there. So Hana called upon her son to come and fight the monsters. Mauis swings were so powerful that they caused the water to flow off the cliff – creating the magnificent falls. CJ speculated that the area “Kona” may have come from the lizards name. Then we had a wonderful lunch of leftover curry. Even though it was cold, Lily and Livia helped finish it off. After that, we got into the car and finally got to the new campsite. It had some bugs but it was very pretty there. There were a lot of macadamia nut trees. There was also a nice pool with a super fun slide. Parker took no hesitation and canon balled in! While this was happening Andrew and Tyler struggled setting up their tent. Luckily though, Aphra was there to lend a helping hand. For dinner, the leaders of the day and the cooks Briana, Andrew, and Livia made breakfast for dinner with eggs, bacon, and French toast! Lastly, before we could settle down for a relaxing night…Eloise kindly helped do the dishes and clean up for the night! Can’t wait for tomorrow 🙂


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