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HA1 7/3

At 6am (basically the crack of dawn) Lily, Ruby, Parker, and CJ got up to make pancakes. Then we all had to pack our duffel bags and tents – which was not as easy as it sounds! Next, we all thanked John and his family for hosting us. After that, we left our campsite and headed to our next destination: the Kaumana caves! The dark, cool vibe of the cave was really astounding and the caves felt like they would go on forever – until we finally reached a dead end. We also found a flat surface in the cave and all sat down in the pitch dark and silence. It was really nice to reflect and sit in peace with everyone. After this cave excursion, we voted to walk around the town of Hilo for almost two hours. After we got back into the car and went to a new campsite! When we got to the new site we played tag and set up our tents and then got ready for dinner. The scenery on the farm is so pretty and calming. They have volleyball courts, disc golf, a serene lake, and the cutest dogs. We can’t wait to stay here for a few days! The cook crew decided to make ramen which was a huge hit after the pancake incident. Today was fun and we can’t wait to explore the volcanos tomorrow!

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