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Hawaii Adventure 1 – airport day :)

Hello Bold Earth Families!

Angela and Alex here on airport day. We picked up our first arrival Andrew from his parents at a coffee shop in Kona. He did a great job helping us prepare at the airport for the rest of our arrivals. Parker, Tyler and Briana arrived at 5 and we all enjoyed getting to know each other while eating snacks and playing hacky sac! We had Noa, Ruby, Lily, Eloise, Briana, Brody and Aphra come in at 7:30 and were so excited to meet the big group. We all hopped in the van and headed to Dominos to get some much needed pizza and ended up driving to the pier and eating pizza by the ocean water. We could hear music in the distance and were surrounded by locals skating around and night swimming. We were all so grateful to be in Hawaii and to be enjoying these warm summer nights together. We then got CJ who came in late at 11 after a whirlwind day of travel! We picked him up excitedly and headed over to Hilo to stay at our first campsite. We are so pumped on our group and are happy to see everyone mingling and connecting so well with one another! It’s going to be an amazing summer 🙂

With love,

Alex and Angela

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