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Hawaii Adventure 1 – 7/4

Happy Fourth of July! CJ, Aphra and Eloise woke up early this morning to prepare whatever food was left for breakfast. We left around 9 to hike on a volcanic trail. The trail was about 5 miles long and we enjoyed the most beautiful views ever. We also went to a Lava rock tunnel. The hike was super refreshing and revitalizing. We ate lunch in the middle of the volcanic valley, walked in silence for 10 minutes and ended up exploring some lava tubes at the end of the night. After the long and sweaty hike we went grocery shopping for some food, and Andrew, Ruby, Lily, and Livia enjoyed some Starbucks while at the store. Tyler, Parker and Brody bought a whole dozen donuts that looked really delicious. Then we went back to our campsite and tried to prepare the dinner as quickly as possible as we wanted to catch the fireworks for the 4th of July! We made burgers on the grill and blasted Bob Marley. We went down to Hilo and enjoyed some fireworks on the beach on the way back Briana and Noa picked exquisite music for the car ride back to the campsite. We enjoyed pretty cupcakes for desert during our evening meeting and then we went to slumber.

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