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Hawaii Adventure 1 – 7/2

Today we woke up and started a special day – not only because it’s our second day in Hawaii, but also because it’s Rubys birthday! We started out the day by feeding the animals – CJ was a natural at waking the ponies and brought high spirits throughout the day. We ate a yummy breakfast and then we helped out the community by cleaning up trash in the Japanese gardens. Noa picked up a lot of trash and was super helpful encouraging others to do the same. Then we went to coconut island. The beach had a rock jump that was super fun and Briana said it could have been on Nat Geo and that everyone should go there. Lily really stepped out of her comfort zone by trying to do a full 360 off the rock. Parker and Tyler were doing cannon balls and Brody did some straight legged pencil jumps into the warm water! We met some locals at the beach too, Eloise learned about the history of the cove from of the kids there. After the beach, we all headed to Safeway to do our first food shop. We spent time creating a menu and finding all the food in the store. It was super fun deciding what we were going to eat for every meal! The cooking group tonight which included Briana, Livia and Andrew decided to make Italian food. They made pasta, meatballs, garlic bread and a big Caesar salad! The owners John and his family of the ranch were staying on joined us for dinner. Earlier in the day they graciously invited us to their property to hang out and learn about food in the garden. We tried white pineapple, played pool, shot some basketball hoops and learned about sustainability! Aphra, Lily, Briana and Ruby also played with some wheeled seats where they scooted around the house. It was fun riding those things and it made a lot of us giggle. We ended the night with our evening meeting and wishing ruby a happy birthday with a big birthday cake!! Day two was a blast and we can’t wait for what’s next!

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