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Grand Canyon Adventure Day 1

Today, we woke up at 6am, got ready, made lunch (Harper (me), Eli, and Nicholas), ate breakfast, did a stretch circle (everyone led). As leader of the day, Yianna, woke everyone up, and got everyone ready for the day!

We then took a short van ride to Prophesy Wall and got fitted for helmets, harnesses, and rock climbing shoes. We then took a short hike up to the wall and got instructed on how all of the equipment works. Araund climbed first with me on belay! He climbed the wall so fast! Juliette’s perseverance on her first climb EVER was so inspiring, and she rocked it! The view was amazing, and the sandstone rocks that we climb were very interesting! Nicholas shared some interesting facts about birds and other topics of interest. Noah climbed to the top of the hardest climb so quickly!

On the hike to the wall, Nicky carried up a giant, heavy water jug the entire way! Natalie was so encouraging of everyone’s climbing! We hiked back to the van and drove back to camp. At camp, everyone was either playing in the small river, playing basketball, or laying in the sun! Soon after, we took a 30min van ride to Dairy Queen where I got an ice cream cake and candles to celebrate Fleur’s birthday! We all just dug into it with spoons, taking the whole thing down!

We all came back and swam in the pool at the campsite for a while! Sawyer beat everyone in chicken fights! Soon after, the cook crew and Arnoud came back to prepare dinner. Arnoud chopped tomatoes, Eli and I chopped and sautéed onions and peppers, and Nicholas made the quinoa and gave cooking tips! After eating dinner and successfully playing poison dart frog, we cleaned our dishes, and did evening circle. After that, we went to bed exited for our next adventure the next day!

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