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GC2 Day 8

We woke up really early at 630 and made sandwiches for lunch and put them in our packs for kayaking. After that we ate breakfast and packed everything up to leave. In the van we listed to old iconic songs and Eli and Noah were great at singing them. Harper slept through everything and Arnoud was good at leg drums. When we got out of the van the guides gave us life vests and paddles then brought us down to the kayaks. My partner was Noah and he was a great paddling partner. Nicky and Sawyer were the fastest group. We kayaked to a cliff jump. Cliff jumping was about 10-15 feet high. After that we kayaked to another swimming and jumping spot that wasn’t as high. We then went to antelope canyon and it was so beautiful. We went back and stopped one time to jump off rocks on the way back. We finished out our kayaking and said goodbye to our guides. We got in the van to head to the great big ,grand, giant, huge, massive, colossal, insane, humongous, gigantic, enormous, extensive, surplus in size, Grand Canyon. Along the way we stopped at sonic for cold refreshments. As we continued our journey to the Grand Canyon we looked out the window to see the amazing view of the Grand Canyon. When we got there we showered and did laundry while cook crew: Sawyer, Yianna, and Arnoud made dinner. They made pasta with Sawyer’s delicious sauce and some salty garlic bread. Harper and Juliet put too much weight on the back of the uHaul and it tipped back. We finished the night with an evening meeting.

Written by Eli

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