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GC2 Day 6

Today we woke up and got ready to eat breakfast. It was Fleur’s birthday, and we started celebrating early by listening to Taylor Swift’s 1989 album. We all cleaned up, packed some snacks for the day, and went to community service! We walked to the amphitheater at the campground where we met Breanna, the wonderful park ranger who taught us about the importance of helping our community and the land and wildlife around us through trash pickup. After community service, we headed to the river and took a dunk to cool ourselves off. Sawyer, Harper, and Nicholas made lunch, and it was amazing. Maddie had a watermelon speed-eating competition with Eli, Noah, and Sawyer and it was a super close game. Then, we headed back to the river, with some cold drinks and swam! On the way back from the river, Maddie, Mo, Fleur, and Juliette had a really intense conversation about their favorite ice cream flavors. Arnaud and Harper had a staring competition and Arnaud won. Harper and Sawyer spent some time making a beautiful backcountry birthday cake for Fleur by stacking and frosting pancakes. Back at camp, Natalie spent some time teaching people new card games, Nicky, Nicholas and Noah played basketball, and Yianna and Connor spent some time putting work into a puzzle. Overall, we had a great day and will miss Zion!

Written by: Juliette Fitkin


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