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GC2 Day 5

We woke up with the sun

And got ready for the day

We ate breakfast without much to say

Preparing for a hike to Zion

Riding there saying, fly-on

We rode a bus full of glee

Across colorful red rocks amazing to see

We arrived at a hike, stretching through the mountains

That lands at a river, which never ends

Call “the Narrows” a hike through a river

Famous of that, because there’s people from all over

Gorgeous and beautiful, extravagant and tall

Extraordinary, and wonderful

Red walls stretching high to the sky

Clearwaters that rush past and never stall

Current and Bends that make you feel alive

Deepwater and bumpy rocks that you need to survive

And experience, we will truly never forget

Siri how many miles marveling at everything with you

Rocks under our feet, water on her legs

Call Shade on our faces, and breathtaking views in our eyes

This ends our hike of infinite size

In our hearts, minds, and memories

Perfect end to any day

Ice cream made us all shout. Hooray.

Remembering our nose, bird noises

That’s completely circus of our senses

And Nukaya water blue is the heavens

But it made us scared of pathogens

By: Nicholas Turco

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