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GC2 Day 4

Today we woke up at 7:30 to make breakfast eggs and sausage and bagels. We ate breakfast then we packed all of our stuff to prepare us to leave Veyo pools in Crawdad Canyon. After we made the cook crews. We packed our duffles in the van trailer and did a quick game to know what place will be in the van. We bought some food where all tried to guess the total and soon we headed to another stop at Barnes and Nobles. We basked in the air conditioning and a few of us got some books. We arrived at Zion National Park, set up tents, and we went to the river. Nicolas, Yianna, Arnaud, Madi and Mo were all good at skipping rocks but Connor was the best. Eli and Noah proved to be very good at catching tad poles. We came back to camp and made some bracelets. Sawyer, Harper, Juliette, and Noah all started some really nice bracelets. while cook crew made dinner. During dinner a drama happened. Apparently he put onions in the salad but he said he did not. If you readers of the blog know the answer to this very important questions, please let us know. The dinner was made of pasta, salad, and chips. During eating dinner everyone was trying to find what happened in a riddle with two dead men in a submarine. After, we cleaned up and had our evening meeting led by Natalie. Natalie handed off her leader of the day duties to Nicky and I (Arnaud) handed off my blogging duties to Nicholas. We ended the day with a story about the Little Dipper told to us by Madi!

Blogger of today: Arnaud

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