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GC2 – Day 3

We woke up this morning really early because we had to get to the prophecy wall to climb and beat the sun. For breakfast we had yogurt, cereal, and bagels. After everyone was ready, we got into the van and left the campground. When we got there, Noah did the highest and hardest climb first and is an amazing climber. Nicky was also the fastest and nearest on the black roped climb and the blue roped climb. Fleur’s arms hurt a lot and her and Juliette were crying as they were climbing together, but they stuck it out and did really well! Sawyer also climbed the hardest climb and is very good at rock climbing. Arnaud climbed 5 climbs and did very well. Natalie did the black roped climb and the blue roped climb and was very good. Yianna climbed the black roped climb and the green climb as well which is very good. Harper climbed the red roped climb, green roped climb and the black roped climb. Eli climbed very well today and is a very good climber. Nicholas climbed everything besides the green one and he did an amazing job. Maddy and Conner also climbed very well today and we are sad that this was our last day rock climbing, we are very excited for the activities to come. After climbing, we went to the river to cool off. After the river, we did some more climbing by the river and the waterfall and it was really fun. For dinner, we are stir fry made by Noah, Fleur, Arnuad and Natalie. Noah thinks that it was one of the best meals cooked on the trip. We then went swimming at a secret waterfall that Harper and Juliette found and we did evening meeting and went to bed.

Written by: Noah





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