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GC2 Day 14

Dear 14, wow. I can’t believe today’s last day. I’ve had so much fun, rock, climbing, hiking, kayaking, cliff, jumping, swimming in, canoeing. Anyways, back to today. We woke up later because we weren’t in a rush. Connor, Mo, and Madi set up breakfast, which was oatmeal. The oatmeal options were cinnamon, spice, apple, and Maple. The maple was my favorite. After breakfast we clean her dishes then went into the water to take a dip or Cliff jump. Eli‘s dives were very good, but he overrated most of them. Then Harper tried too bellyflopped. We cleaned up the campsite after and loaded canoes l with our stuff. We headed out to go to the take-out area. We were going to eat and load up the van. Fleur and Yianna were the best canoeing group overall. Then Harper and Juliet asked the leaders if we could go cliff jumping, and they said yes. Eli and Sawyer had a hard time learning and perfecting their death diving form. However, they got it. Conor was fearless, and he did a superman, which is like a flying superman where you tuck yourself into a front flip. He landed on his back, and he surprised us by saying it didn’t hurt. Natalie jumped off a cliff for the first time and faced her fear. Yianna is doing crazy front flips and Nicholas tried doing the flying squirrel. After that Eli wanted to do the spearfishing challenge and his paddle sunk to the bottom. Nicky jumped in trying to get it, but couldn’t. We searched for 10 to 20 minutes and gave up. We eventually canoed to the take out and had lunch. We had PB&J sandwiches and swam by the boat launch area. Nicholas and Fletcher did a splash flight where they were going at it. The counselors and campers started to load up the canoes by late afternoon, and we went to choose our place for dinner. The two options were In-N-Out and shake shack and we ended up choosing shake shack. We stopped at a Goodwill to get fun clothes for our final dinner. We then had evening meeting in it and prepared for our final day at the airport.

Written by: Yianna

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