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GC2 Day 13

Hello again, due to a late night and early morning I find myself assuming the role of the blogger once again. I’m not at all upset by this as I enjoy writing my thoughts and vivid details to recite later to my friends. We spent the night in the Airbnb, where we got to sleep in real beds. For breakfast this morning we had cereal and croissants with jam. I was one of the last to grab breakfast. We all sat down at the glass table in the warm morning light shining through the drapes that hung behind me. I watched as Fleur ate her Cheerios with her hands due to the lack of spoons. We then made our way to the Hoover dam. We launched canoes into the water, but we only had 15 minutes to get everything loaded and launched.  I enjoyed learning about the rich history of the dam and the process that it was built. I was captivated by the stories of the men from all walks of life that helped build the dam in hopes of providing for their family during the great depression. I rode in the canoe with Nicholas and I sat in the bow. It took me a few minutes to get fully paddling correctly as I found myself working to use my car instead of my arms. I eventually got the hang of it as we paddled through the river. The water was a cold, 56° and very clear with strong currents. Our first stop was a natural hot spring. The warm water trickled down the sides of the uneven wall into a stream that led to the river. The rocks at the hot spring were covered in slippery algae. We laid down letting the hot water splash over our legs and took in the view of the slow waterfall behind us. Before we continued Yianna, Arnoud, Harper, Fleur, Juliet, Sawyer, Nicholas and I all played a game of bunny bunny. Yianna beat Arnoud in the final round. On our way to our lunch spot a few of us explored some small caves. For lunch we had a salad with feta and garbanzo beans with a slices of pita bread. We all swam in the cold water and enjoy the views of the vast cliffs that tower in all directions. As we made our way down, the winding river currents got harder to navigate so we stopped and did some cliff jumping into the water. Nicholas was scared to jump at first but did it in the end. I then distributed snacks as we continued our way down to the campsite. We all had to stop to tie up to a rock as we waited for Harper and Juliet, who fell a little behind. Once we arrived at the campsite, we had to drag canoes up the shore and tie them down to prevent them from floating away in the night. I found a stick bug that had stowed himself away on a dry back. I placed him on a branch above the water. I also found a lobster who are named Eugene. I brought him up to the campsite to show off to Mo. Yianna was scared of his presence. I was sad when we departed forever after I placed him back into the cold blue waters. We made a fire and cooked pasta for dinner. The trip is coming to a close and it’s been an amazing adventure. I’ll see you all at home very soon. Good night and blessings.

Written by: Natalie

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