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GC2 Day 11 and 12

More than a week has passed so far on this wonderful trip and it’s finally come time for me to share my view of it. I was finally chosen blogger and excited to share with my people back home. This entry will cover both days 11 and 12 but before I do that, let me recap the spectacular journey through my eyes. My adventure started with an early morning and a quick flight to Vegas. I was second to arrive, following Arnoud who flew all the way from France the night before. As I waited patiently to meet the others, I took in the views the of the Las Vegas airport. Las Vegas had plenty to offer from traveling, shows, all the way to careless fun and extreme adventuring. After everyone arrived, we travelled to crawdad Canyon where we spent the first three nights. During these early days, everyone got familiar with each other as we learned to climb and belay. At Zion, we hiked the Narrows and splashed the days away in the river. We helped out our community by picking up trash in the park. The community service was rewarding, as we worked hard on the hot pavement and beautiful trails. Our next stop was Lake Powell, a canyon rich with history, submerged under the water in the waves. We kayaked through antelope Canyon and narrow path to the heart of the canyon. I could not help but allow my eyes to wander down the deep water. I was captivated by a seemingly endless pit below me. I could see the shadows of cliffs and ledges that bore so much similarity to those of the walls we climbed in crawdad Canyon. The day was a once in a lifetime experience as I saw the diversity of rocks in the Navajo people. Just when I thought the trip could not get any better than the sites I had already seen, we made our way to the Grand Canyon. It was a long ride that dragged on for hours, as I looked out the window and watched the landscapes change from sprawling hills and mountains to Cliffs of red rock. My mind wandered as I pictured my favorite heroes fighting along the mountain side. I reflected about my trip so far and fantasized about my future. What jobs might I do? What places might I go? My minds thoughts were in such vivid detail, as if I had a clue to what my future holds. We listened to plenty of country and Taylor Swift. I connected to Eli‘s song, no sleep till Brooklyn as I too did not sleep until we arrived to our destination. However, the wondrous views were well worth any amount of travel. As I stared out the best canyon ahead, the wind rushed past my face in the late afternoon sun. Growing smaller, it hit behind the plateaus of red in the birds soared high above my head. I was stunned by the immense amount of beauty laid out before me. The Grand Canyon was formed over a countless amount of time with a unique ecosystem, and so much history. I looked out at the canyon, and felt so small and insignificant next to something so much bigger than me. I felt like I was a little ant all alone in a ravine, but like any ant it n action, small change can have a snowball effect into a greater event. My time at the Grand Canyon has been my favorite part about the trip so far, especially the early mornings. I spent this morning surrounded by nature. I so love watching the sunrise, shades of pinks, oranges, and crisp yellow spilled out through the cracks of the trees. The smell of pine and the fresh morning dew cleared my troubled sinuses as I watched it off. As a yellow dome rose into the sky, it brought the province of a new day. Endless possibilities and overwhelming examples of gods, beautiful promises. Mother Elks, lead their calves to the water spicket, their feet crunched on the crisp leaves beneath them. The calves bleated to their mothers while they stared out in case of danger. The Elk looked at me in fear as I stared back inwonder. Small lizards of all colors and patterns climbed the rocks in hopes of soaking up the new warm rising sun. I love being so close to all the aspects of nature, except for the ravens. I used to think the name Raven was cool enough until I actually met them. Their call pierced serene silence with their unpleasant scratches. I gaze down at the Raven perched on a rock by her tent, and it stared back at me. Unfazed by my presence, the ravens ran the show an answered to no one. My heart ached as I head myself away from the spectacular Grand Canyon. It was truly a miraculous experience. Now let’s get back to where this blog left off. Our next step was to the lava river cave. The sites of the cave rarely visited by those in the Grand Canyon. The cave was formed in a matter of minutes as molten lava hardened into basalt. This was a drastic change compared to the billions of years it took for the Grand Canyon to form. The Grand Canyon has so many layers, sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic rock. The Grand Canyon was a melting pot of stone. The cave was a monotone deep grey. The rocks were cold to the touch in the air was wet and cold. Immeasurable darkness engulfed me, while the echoes of my fellow travelers rings through my ears. The cave was dark, and desolate, so uninviting yet so welcoming of his visitors . Unfortunately, for me, I was feeling under the weather. My sinuses were against me as I find this so often are. My nose was unable to function properly in my right leg aches to catch step. The combination of this plus the cold and wet climate of the cave led to disaster as I found myself tired and sitting down because of my illness. I made my way out of the cave slowly with the help of Madi and Mo. When I finally arrived at the surface, I was relieved to see the sun and even missed the tiring heat that came with it. We all ate lunch at a bench outside the cave, and then drove to Walmart to do our final shopping of the trip. That night we had a cooking competition with three teams. Yianna, Nicholas and I made sushi as an appetizer. We only used vegetables and nori. Nicky, Juliet and Sawyer made a rice and chicken meal for the main course. We both tied as winners in the competition. Later that night at evening meeting I finally earned my Bold earth hat. Conor put a unicorn patch on it. For today we went zip lining at the west side of the Grand Canyon. We spent a majority of the day traveling in the van. Nicholas and I talked for hours about books. While poor Fleur had to listen in boredom. I was nervous about zip lining, but ended up having a great time. I got stuck in the middle of the line in the guide helped drag me in. We then travelled to our next campsite only to be surprised we’re staying in an Airbnb. For dinner we had pizza and salad. We had ice cream for dessert and everyone watched a show on the long missed TV. So here I am sitting down writing about my marvelous journey. I look forward to the remainder of my days on the trip as it comes to an end. I am excited to go canoeing in the river tomorrow and I still need to pack my bag. I can’t wait to go home and tell you about my travels. Until next time good night and blessings from Natalie.

Written by: Natalie


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