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GC2 day 10

Today we woke up at a very early 550. Me, Nicholas, and Eli prepared a buffet style breakfast and sloppy joes for lunch. After we finished, we quickly left for the visitor center. Once at the visitor center we met up with our guide JP. He was very nice and let us to the trail head after a quick refill of water bottles and a restroom break. The trail down was quite relaxed. We took multiple shade and water breaks. It was all fun until a tragedy struck. Lyle fell down the trail! (Lyle is a small stuffed alligator). Despite the pain he persevered, and eventually we recovered his body. The hike back up was much more difficult, but got less strenuous as the time passed. Finally, we arrived at the top where we stopped to eat lunch. Arnaud and Harper played the hat game very well. Yianna and Noah played Uno and me and Eli led a game of black magic. Sawyer and Nicholas struggled to master the hat game, and had everybody laughing at them and their attempts. Fleur and Juliette sang Taylor Swift all day long on the trail and in the van. As the day came to a close, we spend time relaxing. Finally to finish off our day we traveled to a Navajo trading outpost and tried their tacos.

Written by: Nicky

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