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Bold Earth Adventures

Day 9

Today we woke up at 7 am and Harper, Noah, and Fleur prepared breakfast and packed lunch. Then we all crammed into the can to go to the canyon, and Eli finally sang all of the songs with everybody. We all hiked the South rim for about 1 mile to the visitors center where we watched a film about the history of the Grand Canyon. After that we went to a critter talk with a ranger where Noah, Yianna, and Natalie filled out a book for their junior ranger badges. They still have one to Sawyer and Flyer for reciting a pledge. It started to rain, so we went back to camp to put up tents and cover our gas. After, we cleaned up and went in the car for a surprise. A short ride later we arrived in town and were told we had two hours to explore the shops. Fleur, Juliette, and Harper got drinks at Starbucks and the drinks did not taste good to me. Then we got in teams for a lil syncing competition. Arnaud and Sawyer got dressed up as girls and Yianna and Fleur dressed up as boys to lip sync to baby by Justin Bieber. We had a great day, and ended with a pasta dinner and evening meeting.


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