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Pre-Trip Blog!

Hi from South Africa!! 🇿🇦If we haven’t talked to you already our names are Marykate and Lizzy and we are super stoked to meet you all soon!!

We just finished up staff training in the mountains outside Denver and are so excited to build a tight knit community in the rainbow nation soon! Our itinerary this summer is jam packed with so many fun things. We’re going to be seeing some incredible safaris, amazing animals, and doing some awesome service projects!! We’re counting down the days until you’re here!🐘🦏🦬🦁🐆

A little bit of final airport information and reminders:

Please include any medication, a change of clothes, and a water bottle in your daypack. Airlines sometimes lose bags and we want to make sure you’ve got everything you need just in case! Please wear your Bold Earth shirts so we can spot you (we’ll be in ours too ready to greet you)!

When you first land, follow signs for baggage reclaim, you’ll go through customs in the “Visa Exempt Countries” lane, and after customs you’ll have a chance to exchange currency to African Rand and pick up your bags from baggage claim! (Read the tv screen to find out which carousel your bags are at). This was super straightforward for us but feel free to call with any questions! It is a busy airport so please be aware of your stuff and your surroundings. We will meet you outside the arrivals terminal with snacks and water waiting (you will also have a chance to exchange currency here if you didn’t do it earlier) and then we have just a short drive to our hotel!

Feel free to contact either of us through iMessage or WhatsApp or FaceTime Audio. Preferred contact is definitely WhatsApp! If you need any help navigating the app you can reach out to the office or us with any questions.

Can’t wait to have the best summer ever with you all! See you so soon!! 😊

Love Marykate and Lizzy♥️

P.s. we have made a collaborative Spotify playlist to play while driving with some local music as well as some of our favorites so please feel free to add anything you like, but please make it appropriate.

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