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Owen was on high alert last night because of all the animal noises going down in camp. Some members of the gang chose to start their morning with a steamy shower that included Drew loudly singing take me to church at 6am. Everyone else arose at 6:30 so we can get an early start to the day and hit the road to return to South Africa. Before leaving, Gangdom enjoyed South African pancakes, which is really just crêpes.

After enjoying the view of the hippos 🦛 from the park for a bit longer we hit the road for South Africa. About 45 minutes into the drive, we stopped for an early morning ice cream🍦. Then gang hopped back in the van for the border. Thankfully everyone made it through and we headed for a delicious lunch of chicken tendies 🍗, sausages, chippies🍟, and samosas.

After lunch, we arrived at camp and headed off to quickly pitch our tents before the heavy rain came in so that we could make our 4 o’clock appointment with the big cats. We made sure to get a slow motion of the lynx cat as he jumped 3 meters in the air for some raw chicken. Levi was extremely disappointed when he discovered that adopting a cat did not include taking it home.

Everyone was inspired by the wild South African bush and decided to form the “Bush Whackers” with Dean as point leader, Levi as trigger one, Drew as trigger two, Owen as tracker, Tennessee as tank, Zoe as miester, Lucas as medic, Ava is moral support, and Jordan was napping peacefully but plans to be the bomber. The bush whackers successfully secured the premises of our campsite and kept everyone safe. The gang got dinner. After dinner, we walked outside to be pleasantly surprised with soaking wet shoes from the rain ☔️. Tonight everyone is praying not to have our tents flooded and to get a good nights sleep. Wish us luck! #BushWhackers 

Stay lit ✌️ Zoe

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