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Bold Earth Adventures

Epic Africa 7/8

Before the gang ascended Levi and Drew woke up to Owen staring into their soul. At 5:30 everyone woke up from their slumber except Jordan who woke shortly after. We then had coffee ☕️ and rusks and split into groups preparing for a bush walk. During the Bush walk both groups got some great views of rhinos 🦏 and Zoe was amazed. At the end of the walk Drew and Tennessee realized that they were standing near a pile of rhino dung. While walking we saw numerous animals including the infamous white rhino, the chunky hippos🦛 , long and big crocs 🐊and a large variety of antelope. During our downtime, Dean bought a Peter Pan-looking hat from the gift shop while Ava hibernated in her tent. Around 3:30 we had a little cooking lesson from future chef JD making roosterkook which is an Afrikaans bread 🥖 made from flour, yogurt, and a filling consisting of butter, green onion, garlic powder, and salt. While waiting for Jannie’s special surprise, Lizzy taught us a new game. We then were called by Kendra to try some walkie-talkies. Walkie-talkies are chicken feet (walkies) and chicken heads 🐔(talkies). Lucas devoured the chicken feet and everyone at least gave them a try. We ended the night with a traditional Afrikaans pudding dessert. #spoo #ilovenature #iluvchickentoes #dontslapthecrocs #thatwaselectric

All love, Levi

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