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7/7-Jordan’s Birthday!!

This morning we were awoken by the noisy school group that was making loud conversation outside of our tent at 5:30am. After attempting to go to sleep we woke Queen 👑Jordan up to everyone singing happy birthday (in party hats of course). We then had a lazy morning on Africa time (whenever it happens it happens) where Kyle (our local guide’s 6 year old kid and our mascot for the trip) had us playing guess the superhero charade over some oats. We then packed up our tents ⛺️ and filed into the van. While on the drive one of the vans of Brits 🇬🇧(from yesterdays soccer game) sped past us. Dean and Ava let out some anger by giving them a princess wave and scream of freedom when we saw that they had a flat tire when we caught up. We then stopped at a market place where Drew and Levi bought all the South African snacks. Next, we got to our new campsite and had lunch. After some games and exploring we got ready to go to our sunset safari🦁🦛🐘. Owen showed off his signature dance where MK was highly jealous and begged for lessons. While on the safari Tennessee shared his plans on how to take down the Big 5 in a fistfight. After seeing many animals like lions and elephants Lucas decided to wear two baseball caps for some extra sun protection😎. Zoe and Kendra had a deep life chat in the back of the safari jeep while taking in some scenic views of the bush. We ended the day by having a smack (really good) dinner and singing Happy Birthday to Jordan over some cake🎂. #suplexthelions #chokeholdtheelephants #downwiththeredcoats #iloveswaziland #twobros #jeeponebestone

Sending my love, Jordan

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