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Epic Africa- 7/6

This morning we had the pleasure to sleep in a little bit and wake up at 8:30 for breakfast. After breakfast, we went on a walk around the Shewula camp and stopped at the local community center. Tennessee and Jordan made some beautiful hand-crafted beaded jewelry. While Dean and Kendra made authentic coasters made of beads and reeds. Then we played a very friendly soccer game with the local kids in the Swazi village⚽️. This very quickly turned into a very competitive game of soccer, not fútbal, when a group of Red Coats🇬🇧 (students from England that were also at the campsite) showed up. We won the game thanks to Drew’s insane kick from the corner. Then everyone was celebrating and screaming “Freedom” and “no taxation without representation”🦅. Kendra was also a lethal brick wall playing defense. At around 5:00 we once again gathered with the Brits to immerse ourselves in the Swazi culture. Lucas and Ava even tried to practice some Swazi dance moves. As the dinner commenced Zoe snatched the last of chef JD’s infamous, homemade, and scrumptious bread made over the fire🥖. Ultimately we wrapped up the day under the stars enjoying the views of Swaziland🌌. #Boldearth #downwiththeredcoats #itscalledsoccer #america #baldeagle #southafrica #iheartswaziland

Best, Dean

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