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This morning we woke up and ate breakfast at 8:00. Then we packed up and set out for our first stop at the South African border. After that we stopped for lunch where Levi and drew lost Levi’s ball over a fence but Tennessee and dean managed to put their brains together and retrieve it. Then we got in the van for some more driving. During this, Owen killed Ava in our ongoing game of Assassin (real life clue!). As we drove closer to the campsite we went up a windy road with a beautiful view of Swaziland. While on the way Jannie told us that the Swazi people live in cylindrical houses situated in circles so that their version of the boogeyman, the Tokolosh doesn’t trap them in corners. When we got to camp we were shown around by Lindiwe and got a refresher on how to set up tents🏕️ . While passing the ball Lucas and Zoe showed off their soccer skills in preparation for our game tomorrow against the locals. Then we had a taste of Swaziland 🇸🇿 prepared by some of the locals and Jordan couldn’t get enough of the coleslaw they made. We ended our day around the light of Barry the light up dinosaur and are looking forward to tomorrow!

Written by, Tennessee

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