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At 7:30 Lizzy and MK alpha woke us up, but Jordan was deep in her slumber and had to be shaken awake. On the other hand, Owen was up all night after hearing a terrifying lion roar outside our camp. 🦁We all then went to breakfast, where we served flapjacks, a.k.a. pancakes, and some bananas.

Then five of us packed into a van to go mountain biking. 🚲There we saw a complete variety of wildlife. There were hippos, monkeys, impala, crocs, warthogs, and some very intimidating antlions. During the bike ride Zoe‘s tire mysteriously popped, which gave us some time to stroll around the edges of Kruger national park. Meanwhile, back at home Ava was cooking up (doing well) in a card game of rummy. Later the groups switched and Drew beat everybody in a heated slap jack match.

Once we were finally reunited, we had some delicious lunch served by the cook crew. After lunch during some downtime, Owen was mesmerizing everyone with his chess skills. ♟️Then all of the sudden Tennessee spotted some wild warthogs in our backyard!

At 4:30 we met up with Jan and his crew who are snake catchers where Jordan and Levi got to touch an awesome snake. 🐍 Lucas was an avid photographer while Dean got to learn about releasing snakes back into the wild. We then wrapped up the night with a braii (South African bbq!), plenty more games, and to top off an already magical day we made some s’mores over the campfire.

With love, Jordan and Dean♥️

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