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Bold Earth Adventures


While Zoe and Jordan were deep in their slumber😴, Ava was awake at the crack of dawn waiting for Lizzy and MK alpha to wake them up at 6:30am. During breakfast, Drew and Owen were chugging some questionable protein shakes 💪(they weren’t fully mixed). Next we rafted through the rapids where Tennessee and Owen were getting stuck on every log. We even got to slide down the rock and plunge into the cold water!

After rafting we were headed back to the van and we were greeted with some coffee, biscuits, and a nice warm fire🔥. Jordan mistook the powdered milk for sugar and decided to pour six spoonfuls in her coffee. Then we drove to the chimp sanctuary where we met Cozy the chimp. We got to see the chimpanzees eating snacks! Dean and Levi bought monkey stuffed animals from the gift shop. On the way to Marloth Park we encountered warthogs, Impalas and a huge gimongous giraffe🦒. During the drive Lucas was feeling the music🎤 that was played by DJ MK Alpha to end the eventful day. We gathered around the campfire and had dinner.

Love your leaders of the day, ♥️Levi and Ava

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