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Bold Earth Adventures


Gang woke up at 7am with some of the team having tummy troubles after their big feast last night. After breakfast gang went surfing 🏄‍♀️🏄‍♂️at the Marine world where Dean and Drew caught some gnarly waves 🌊 . While the first group was surfing Tennessee, Levi, Zoe and Owen caught some waves of their own on boogie boards and did some body surfing. We then switched groups and were hoping for some huge waves. After we had surfed Ava and Jordan were soaking up the rays 🌞. While Levi and Tennessee had a little water gun assault pretending to be secret service members 🔫. When we had some time at the beach we had a makeshift soccer game with a field drawn in the sand where Owen scored some great goals ⚽️. After a delicious lunch at Steers the gang headed shopping to spend our Rand. Most of the group went right to Milky Lane a South African ice cream 🍦 shop. Then Lucas bought a traditional South African T-shirt and the entire team got some sick temporary tattoos. After that we had to say see you soon to the first member of the team: Jordan. After a car ride to the tune of See You Again by Charlie Puth then gang went back to camp and decided to go for a swim 🏊‍♀️🏊‍♂️ . To finish off the night everyone had a delicious dinner and packed up some of their things. We then gathered together for one last evening meeting fitted with glow sticks and reminisced on some great memories from the trip. #tatted #glowstickthrow #tennesseespants #hangten #🕷️ #sad

See you soon!


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