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Gang woke up at 7:45am and after a scrumptious breakfast of eggs, bacon, toast, and beans everyone departed for Durban. Two hours into the drive gang arrived at the first activity for the day: The Nelson Mandela capture site. Dean took a liking to the photographs📸, Drew read every single sentence, and Ava listened 🎧to all of the audios. We then got to see the actual site of where he was captured and a sculpture that you look at one way and see Nelson Mandela’s face. For lunch, gang munched on chicken and pineapple sandwiches and Owen enjoyed the chippies🍟. The gang got back into the van and set on their way for Durban. After another two hours in the van gang arrived at the campsite and set up camp. The gang decided to explore the site which has trampolines, a mini golf ⛳️ course, heated pool and a volleyball 🏐 court. We saw that it had a giant chess ♟️ set so Levi and Drew naturally had to stack the pieces to create the tallest tower. After that the gang was informed we will be having final dinner tonight because Jordan is leaving tomorrow. We all got showers and got dressed up nice for dinner. Before dinner gang played a new game called Jannie’s coming. During the game we earned points for our survivor teams. Where Tennessee went for the win and sabotaged Zoe to win round one and Drew won round two. We then played a few games of birdie 🦜on a perch where Zoe, Levi, Drew and MK had an intense final round. Then gang went to dinner. Jordan and Lucas especially enjoyed their meals. After returning to camp, gang had a pool and ice cream 🍦 party to finish off the night. #mandatoryfun #poolparty #securityguards #chocolatestew #drop

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