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7/16-Levi’s birthday!!

At 7:30 in the morning everybody arose and had a delicious breakfast. Then Levi and MK ran some errands and everyone else went on a hike 🥾and jumped in the ice cold springs up in the mountains. Except for Owen who didn’t swim but blessed everybody with one single towel. Tennessee, Drew and Dean were brave enough to soldier the cold water 🥶again and jump in first.

In the van ride back Drew and Dean were having an intense conversation about Nala from The Lion King. After we all regrouped we headed to have a nice picnic lunch where Levi was surprised with some carrot cake for his birthday🍰 . When we got to the Scootour 🛵🛴we were split into two groups. While the second group waited for the first to finish, MK attempted to play every game in her arsenal which consisted of a rock 🪨 , a stick and a partner. She tried her best for an hour and a half while Ava was taking some time to relax and Lucas was trying to dig to China. Zoe, Levi, and Owen were embracing their “primitive” side and attempting to create a fire 🔥 .

During Group 1’s experience Jordan went off-roading and through some of the grass. Group 2 zoomed down the hill in record speed💨. When the gang was back together we headed back to the lodge where we all got clean and waited for our scrumptious 3 course steak dinner 🥩.

We ended the night off with evening meeting and crashed to bed ready for the next morning. #stickandrock #mkgames #scootour #slipandslide #getapartner #missingscooter9 #minecraft #soup


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