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At approximately 7am gang arose to consume a delicious breakfast that consisted of pancakes, chocolate chip rusks, and some South African cereal. Everyone was very happy to be reunited with Levi at breakfast. On the road we stopped at a gas station where we picked up some South African candies 🍬 and snacks 🥨for the drive. Then we continued on our way to our first activity of the day which was zip lining. We were broken up into groups while group one got started zip lining, group two decided to take some team pictures and have a quick photoshoot 📸in their gear. During zip lining Jordan had a great time and was flying through the canopies🌲🌳. We then reunited with the other group and finished it out as one big group. While everyone was zip lining Owen was busy enjoying some of the cookies 🍪 and juice that we got to have on one of the platforms. Meanwhile Lucas was rizzing the camera that was taking pictures of him. On the drive to the lodge we are staying at Dean kept tapping Ava and she was astonished and could not figure out who was doing it. While this was happening Zoe was hysterically laughing and woke everyone up. When we arrived at the lodge everyone attempted to walk around the walls of the eco pool. Before dinner Tennessee, Dean and Drew bravely attempted a polar plunge 🐻‍❄️into the freezing water. We then finished our day with a delicious bowl of butternut squash soup. #mudemude #polarplunge #lizzyspants #hurdle #trust #thugshake

Written by: Tennessee


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