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This morning the gang had an early wake up at 5:40am. We all got ready to either surf 🏄‍♀️ 🏄‍♂️ or do a sea-safari in groups. At breakfast MK Alpha put us into our groups. In group 1 led by MK was Jordan, Drew, Zoe, and Lucas. They went surfing first. When they arrived Zoe and Drew immediately went for the big waves 🌊 . In the other group was Ava, Tennessee, Owen and Dean. Their first stop was the sea-fari. Group 2 got to see a whale 🐋 and a seagull that followed them around the whole time. Group 2 was very thankful to Dean who sat in the front of the boat and blocked the wind. After an hour the groups swapped. Group 1 spotted a pod of bottle nose dolphin 🐬 that swam with the boat. While in Group 2 Tennessee was shredding the waves and impressed the guides. When we got back we changed quickly to get ready for our beach clean up. At the cleanup Lucas and our guide were chatting it up all about Iowa. The gang then got to lunch after a long morning. After lunch we got to do some laundry and while it was washing we went shopping at a few stores near camp. Jordan had a very large load of wash 🧼 and brought her entire duffel bag. We then went to the beach and played some American football 🏈 with a few friends we met there. Ava and Owen got very competitive during the game. After an intense game we came back to a scrumptious dinner cooked by the Du Plooy family. At dinner we were surprised to be reunited with Levi and Lizzy. To end off the night MK led the gang in an intense game of spud 🥔 🎱 as we enjoy our last night in Balito. #gangreunited #nobreakline #beachcleanup # guesswhosback #bargaining #krispykreme #topgunbeachscene2.0

Love, Jordan

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