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At approximately 8:00 we thought we were going to be summoned but Lizzy and MK were out and about not waking us up. So we rose at 8:20, and the children waddled their way down to the amazing breakfast spread. Levi was having some tummy troubles so he went to the clinic with Lizzy. After a breathtaking breakfast we set off for a long drive to Balito. After a long ride we set up our tents 🏕️ in our new lovely campsite. We then set off to find an extremely majestic snorkel 🤿 guide named Dylan. Ava and Zoe had a great time seeing all of the fish 🐠 and marine life while Owen was in awe of the lion fish we had learned about in the pre activity briefing. After that Tennessee, Dean and Drew had a great time body surfing 🌊 . When we were done soaking up the sun and digging in the sand we returned back to base. Then an extremely competitive and intense volleyball 🏐 game commenced. Jordan aka the Pendulum and Lucas were both weapons on the sand. He went after every ball on the front line. To end the day Jannie made us some amazing food aka kebabs. #rollfive #arresthisbarber #pendulum #dylan #cheeky #donaldshorts

Stay cheeky, Drew

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