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Gang woke up at 8:30 on our laidback Thursday. After breakfast, the gang went shopping 🛍️ and had some time to explore a little bit of St. Lucia where Dean and Drew bought some traditional clothing and Levi got a scarf that can be worn 10 ways. Tennessee was perfecting his bartering skills while shopping. Once we returned from shopping, Ava learned how to play pool 🎱and so did Kyle. For one of our evening activities we visited the boardwalk and vegetative sand dunes where Jordan and Ava played a heated game of wavelength. We then visited the local market where Zoe then bargained for a cute-sy pair of shorts and Lucas bought a floral tote bag 👜 . Later that evening, the gang went on a river cruise where we spotted dozens of hippos 🦛 as well as crocodiles 🐊 and rare birds 🦢 . On the boat we enjoyed some local candy and made some friends with other people on the boat. To end off our day we had a Bold Earth Epic Africa cooking competition. We were tasked with making potjie (poi-key), a traditional South African stew-like dish 🥘. We had to answer questions about the local animals to earn ingredients. During the competition, Owen aggressively diced his onions and his carrots carrying his team. Jannie and Ursula were the judges and taste tested every dish, and even though they said they were all delicious, they decided that Team 5 Brain Cells made the best potjie which got them a win and lead over the Predators in our ongoing game of Survivor. #bargaining #finaloffer #arrestthatwomensbarber #MKcantswim #janniesmybodyguard #canelife

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