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7/11 Blog

After a long night of MK having a mental breakdown after Jannie pranked her with a fake snake 🐍 in her tent, the gang woke up at 6 AM. We gathered into the car to head to our first activity at the rhino 🦏 conservation. When we arrived the workers gave us a quick debriefing about what they do and why. Rhino horns are highly valued and poachers will kill them and sell the horns on the black market. Dehorning and trimming is the process of removing and sanding down the horns and right now is the best way to prevent rhinos from being poached for their horns (it’s kind of like clipping fingernails so they keep growing back and have to be trimmed again). First, a helicopter 🚁 looks for the rhino(s) with the biggest horn, then they shoot the animal(s) with a tranquilizer dart, and tell the ground crew when we are able to approach.  Once we got to our destination, Drew and Dean helped the staff position the baby rhino, Tennessee measured 📏the horn, Levi plucked hair samples 💇🏻 off the tail, Zoe and Jordan clipped the ears👂 for ID purposes, and Owen was mesmerized by the rhino blood 🩸. After the interactive activity we headed back to camp where we packed up and headed for St. Lucia. We arrived at Urban Glamping and were greeted by several vervet monkeys 🙊 who were very curious about Levi and Dean. Then we prepared for our bike 🚲 ride around town. 5 minutes into the ride Jordan’s bike wasn’t working so her and Lizzy decided get ice cream 🍦 and watch the sunset from the dock instead. Tennessee and Lucas also had some tricky bikes, but despite that, we all glided through the evening together and watched the sunset 🌅 with a beautiful view of St. Lucia. After dark, we arrived back at “camp” and ate delicious pizza 🍕 where we found the missing members and the gang was reunited. #MKsmash #missingmembers #theo #Donaldslegs #hairy #shortyshorts #stoprhinopoaching #gangreunited #DMK

Thanks for reading and you’re welcome! ❤️Ava

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