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At 5:30am, the gang got up and prepared for a cold rainy safari. We checked off another Big 5 animal which was Cape buffalo 🦬. We also saw some giraffe 🦒 and zebra 🦓 as our truck drifted through the mud. During the trip, Levi, Drew, and Owen snuggled in the back as they learned some Afrikaans from Kendra and Jordan.

After the safari, the crew headed back to camp for some breakfast. Dean and the rest of the Bush Whackers headed up to the bush hoping to find some leopards or rhinos, except Ava who was again… undergoing hibernation in her tent 😴. The gang made spears out of broomsticks and porcupine needles and Tennessee had the coolest one of them for about 1 minute until Jordan broke it.

At 1:00, the gang had lunch and headed back to camp to participate in Bold Earth Epic Africa’s first ever game of Survivor. Drew, Owen, Dean, and Jordan were in a team named the 5 brain cells and Levi, Lucas, Tennessee, Zoe and Ava were in another team named the predators. The two rival teams competed in a series of challenges. In one challenge, the teams had 10 minutes to camouflage with the surroundings, hoping not to be found. Zoe and her idea of hiding in the bush with leaves covering our backs resulted in a win for the predators. In another challenge, the rivals had to compete in a strange form of baseball, which resulted in a win for the 5 brain cells. Even though Lucas shot the ball to the top of a tree 🌲 and it took quite the rescue effort to retrieve. After another challenge, this one resulting in no winner, involving carrying a stick with one finger, it started pouring outside.

The gang spent the rest of the time having a dance party 🕺in the bathroom. At 7:00 the gang headed to dinner and returned to camp to prepare for another early outing the next morning.

Sincerely, Lucas

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