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7/1-Zoe’s Birthday!!

This morning at 7:30am Lizzy and Marykate got everyone up extra early to go into Ava, Jordan, and Zoe’s room to sing Zoe happy birthday wearing birthday hats. 🥳Then we grabbed a quick breakfast so that we could start the drive to Hazyview. That early start was short lived because a tire popped and we spent an hour in the repair shop parking lot. We passed the time playing some hackysack where Levi and Owen cooked (played really well). Then playing some ninja where Dean was a defensive player of the year, hopping to safety far away from anyone that could get him out. Finally we got back on the road to start a 4 hour drive. After some friendship bracelet making and too many knots to untangle later we stopped for lunch. While lunch was prepared we heard some great country accents playing yeehaw 🤠 After we filed back into the car Drew showed off his singing skills to some of Adele’s top hits in a car concert. 🎤Then we finished the remaining hour and a half of our drive with everyone singing along to the Spider-Man soundtrack and arrived at the elephant experience. Tembo the massive elephant took a liking to Tennessee and Lucas, who got to learn some commands to get Tembo to demonstrate his linguistic abilities to everyone. 🐘Then we all got back in the van and drove to the lodge for the night. We ended the day with a polar plunge in the frigid pool before dinner.

With love your leaders of the day, Zoe, Tennessee, and Lucas❤️

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