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We awoke at 7:30 this morning. Well, we thought… But a few of us like Ava, Jordan and Zoe woke up much earlier due to not having any watches or way of telling the time. Next we all went to breakfast at True Kitchen where we got to know each other a little better. It started with some light conversation but quickly switched to finding out the deepest, darkest fears of Lucas and Levi. Next we went to a bird sanctuary where we got to see some Cape Flamingos as we speed walked around the lake. We then played some name games where we became familiar with Dino Dean 🦖and Octopus Owen 🐙 This was also when we got started on preparing some snack packs to give to the children at the Community Center. After about five minutes of struggle, we were able to put together our first bag. But don’t worry we finally found a system and were able to pack 82 bags! We ate our lunch and got back in the van to make our way to the Community Center and meet the kids living there. When we arrived, we got a tour of the buildings and learned how to play netball. In the game, Tennessee splashed one from deep (made an amazing 3 point shot) and Drew had a triple double (scored off rebounds and had some sweet assists) on a few nine year olds. After we went back to the hotel and played some dags (hacky sack) and Uno. Finally we ended the night with dinner and will hopefully wake up at the right time tomorrow!

Today’s blog was written by the entire team, but starting tomorrow our Leaders of the Day will be writing the blogs for each day. Talk to you then ♥️

Love, Dean, Drew, Owen, Levi, Lucas, Tennessee, Zoe, Ava, Jordan, Marykate, and Lizzy

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