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Day 14, Numero Catorce, Beach and Hiking!

Last night ended with an exciting evening meeting. Maya L and Amelia received Bold Earth stickers for how hard they worked during the beach cleanup and I (Maya M) received a Bold Earth hat from Ali. This morning our trip leaders let us sleep in to catch up on our rest. During breakfast we all had sandwiches, but Maya K decided to spice things up with some peanut butter and banana. We then headed off to the beach. Due to the thunder, we only swam for a bit (because our trip leaders love safety!) but we still made great use of the time. Vivian, Maya L, Atlas, and Quinton made a shelter out of sticks (survivor style). After, we came back and had lunch. Then we got our phones back and got to talk to our parents!! It was bitter sweet because we knew that was the last time we would talk to them during the trip. After we said our goodbyes, we went on a two-hour hike. Roo thought of the idea of playing speed dating to get to know each other better. The hike went by fast especially because Brody and Natalie held all the water bottles! Molly was pleasantly surprised by how much she enjoyed it. Even though she slipped and fell, Ali never failed to keep a smile on her face. We got home and had a pasta dinner which Cami enjoyed to the fullest.

Los queremos mucho a todos! (We love you all a lot!)

Maya M

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