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Day 5 – volunteering and ZipLining

Blog day 4?? Zip lining

We started day 5 off at 6:30 am with a meal of toast, sausage, and eggs. We then proceeded to volunteer at Centro de Acopio where we sorted recycling and learned how to crush it.

During one of our fresh air and water breaks we were gifted a rare sighting of the second largest toucan in Costa Rica , the Keel bill Toucan. There was a make and female perched on a tree close to the volunteer station. We also met a kid who volunteered there 30 hours a month for a scholarship so he can receive a better education. Both of his parents were there helping him with the recycling I support him despite the fact that their hours didn’t count towards his 30 required hours per month.

Next up we went to the park where Alana and Alex killed it at soccer while Lucas, the Cole’s and Brooks befriended some locals and played basketball with them.

After a delicious lunch with virgin mojitos that Brianna loved, it was time for what everyone had been waiting for; zip lining!

Sammy was thrilled to sport her polka dot cape while Cole Kennedy sported a banana costume. When we arrived at the zip line course, we began by taking a lift up.

Anna and Mackenna had fun on this journey as they taught Rachel how to take 0.5 photos. SUPER FLATTERING .After the gondola up, we were on the first zip line, allowing us to view the beautiful forests of Monteverde.

Some of the zip lines required duos and Cole Johnson and Brooks were eager to partner up! The longest of the zip lines was 750m long- the longest in Central America! Sammy and Hannah really felt the distance in that one- as they had to money climb backwards to pull themselves the last 20 feet!

At the end of the seven zip line course, there was a surprise for us! We got to bunjee jump down, an opportunity Olivia was eager to take part in. Lukas treated himself to some professional photos of him zip lining while the rest of the group debated whether a dinner of

Mac and cheese or nachos would be better.Brooks had the genius idea to make tacos which everyone enjoyed. We ended our exciting day with a night meeting where we discussed hero’s and highlights.

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