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CM2 7/28/23 Blog

Hey everyone it’s Anna writing today!!

Today we woke up at 8am for breakfast. After a delicious breakfast we all got into the van to drive from Montenegro back to Croatia. On the drive, Cameron, Sophia, and Hannah slept the majority of the ride, while India and I played games and listened to the music. While on the drive, we passed through Bosnia and enjoyed the views to pass time. Bridget tried solving Sebastian’s rubics cube while Macklin read a book.

After a very long ride of 5 hours, we finally arrived at our last stop of the trip. We are staying at the old town of Dubrovnik. After getting settled, we explored the town and enjoyed a late lunch. Pierre, Sebastian and others got sandwiches and cheeseburgers. Then we had some time to relax and hang out together before we went on an amazing walking tour to learn about the history of the old town. Later we went to dinner and enjoyed gelato and watched the sunset to end the day! We had a great day!!

By: Anna

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