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CM2 7/27/23 Blog

Hey everyone, it’s Hannah today. We woke up nice and early to the sound of guys’ room being loud. The lodge we’ve been staying at for rafting has very thin walls. We then headed to breakfast and got to enjoy the most amazing donuts ever. After breakfast, we hopped in the van down to the river to go white water rafting. Camryn and Anna were a little carsick, but despite that they still had an amazing attitude, Sebastian, Macklin, India, and others tried cliff-jumping into the blue water and we even got to stop at a waterfall. Shortly after, we headed to lunch where we enjoyed some good food provided by the kitchen and then we had some time to rest and take showers. Kayla rounded us up to play another game of trivia and Bridget won again. We then played a game of “celebrities,” which is like charades while Cameron, Sebastian, and Pierre played frisbee. Anna, India, and Sophia played some trivia. We all enjoyed some free time by playing with a little puppy. We headed to dinner and played the animal game while we waited for our food. We all ordered pasta which was questionable (but Kayla and Olivia were able to get us more dinner) and Sebastian tried squeezing ketchup out and it exploded all over Macklin and Olivia. We had our favorite chocolate for dessert, and enjoyed one of the last evening meetings and had a great day!

By: Hannah

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