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CM2 7/26/23 Blog

Hi family and friends, it’s Cameron writing today. We started off the day waking up, packing our bags, and then headed off to breakfast. We then enjoyed a traditional Montenegrin breakfast composed of bread, jelly, eggs, and a flat pancake like pastry. Then we hopped in the van for a fulfilled long car ride. First, Hannah pulled out her eye masks which we all put on, even Sebastian, Pierre, and Macklin. Then we turned on the speaker and blasted our playlist that we all contributed to making. we then arrived at the Ostrog Monastery. It was super cool seeing all the artwork and the views were spectacular. After that, we went back in the van to get to lunch. For lunch, we enjoyed more traditional Montenegrin food. India got a meal called polenta and Sofia got stuffed peppers. After that, we got back in the van to continue our drive. While most people fell asleep India, Bridget, and Anna all sang along to our playlist. After a while, we finally arrived at our cabins which are along the Tara River! After we settled in we all walked down to the river to enjoy a cold plunge. Sebastian, Pierre, and Bridget had a contest to see who could stay in the water the longest. The competition ended with a tie. After that, we headed back to the cabin to get ready for dinner. The dinner was delicious and overall we had an awesome day.

By: Cameron

P.S.- mom and dad: I’m missing cuddles from tank and bodie, also missing you guys!

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