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CM2 7/25/23 Blog

Hi family and friends! It’s Pierre writing today. We first woke up at 7:45 am for a delicious breakfast. Then got into the van and we’re on our way to the ocean.

The waves were exciting and we all had fun playing in them. After playing for a while, Sebastian, Macklin, and I, joined the tan team, that was composed of Anna, Hannah, Cameron, Bridget, and India and Sophia. For lunch everyone, including Macklin and I ate 2 hamburgers that were very good.

The gang then hopped back into the van headed for our 3 hour boat tour. We saw Albania mountains in the distance, and also many birds. Sebastian, Hannah, and Cameron took a dip in the water, while the rest of us watched. In the last 30 minutes of our boat ride, the group played a game of trivia, in which Bridget beat Sebastian by 2 candies.

Then we took a van to a camp where we settled into our cabins. After a delicious meal we headed to evening meetings and then went to bed!!

By: Pierre

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