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CM2 7/24/23 Blog

Hey family and friends, today it’s Sophia writing! This morning we got up nice and early for breakfast. Everyone got to try this “mystery jelly” the Trip Leaders brought for us all the way from the US. Itturned out to be a blue raspberry flavored jam with edible glitter in it. After eating, we headed toward our first adventure of the day, a three hour speed boat tour. Hannah, Cameron, Anna, India, Bridget and I all had fun singing songs in the front, while Macklin took a nap. After seeing some historic spots and important landmarks, we visited some blue caves and were able to take pictures and swim in them. After we got back from our time on the boat, we left and went to Old Town Kotor. We all shopped and got gelato, then got started on an amazing walking tour of Old Town Kotor. Now, it was almost dinner time so we walked toward the incredible Susanna‘s place to make our dinner. She was the instructor and host of our cooking class. We all got important roles, Sebastian, Pierre, Macklin, Bridget, and Anna cut veggies. Hannah and Cameron made pastries and I mixed the meat and veggies. We made stuffed mushrooms, stuffed peppers, am eggplant/cheese pastry, and chicken kebabs. I think we all could agree that this was one of our favorite meals so far. Overall today was a great day.

By: Sophia

P.S. Hi family, love you guys

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