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CM2 7/22/23 Blog

Hi friends and family, it’s Sebastian today. We started the morning meeting for breakfast and eating together. We then prepared for some outdoor sports time and we had some courts reserved. Later, at the tennis/volleyball court, the gang split into 2 teams for volleyball. The team captains were Sophia and Hannah. A group of French boys our age then joined us, however, it turned the match into a France vs USA showdown. India and Pierre joined the French team. The USA team won, though the outcome was debatable. Macklin, Hannah, and Anna played some tennis with various more small games happening. The French boys came back for a final Girls vs Boys match. After we grabbed lunch, and took a short break, we headed to the pool. We swam for a bit and then we made our way to the ocean and encountered our French friends once again. Me, Macklin, Hannah, Anna, Cameron, India, Bridget, and Sophia all paddle boarded out and enjoyed ourselves. Pierre frolicked with the French. After we gathered to go shopping for dinner, me and the guys decided to make Philly cheese steaks, and an assortment of hamburger cheese pasta. The girls made another kind of pasta and a fruit salad. The meal was great, we also got our clean laundry back and started mid trip phone calls. It was a great day.

By: Sebastian

ps: to my family and Maegan, I miss you!

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