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CM2 7/21/23 Blog

Hi family and friends! It’s India writing today. This morning we woke up around 9am for a delicious breakfast at the hotel. It was incredible! After breakfast we hung out around the pool, played Marco Polo, and a lot of card games. The time passed so quickly that it was already time for lunch, so Bridget, Macklin, Sophia, Sebastian, Pierre, and I went on a sandwich mission. It involved a very “long” hike of 5 minutes BUT it was 35 degrees Celsius, but at the end we got to eat. We an ate lovely sandwiches with very tasty fries. While Team Sandwich was on their mission, there was also a Tan Team that involved Anna, Hannah, and Cameron. After lunch we continued playing in and by the pool until we departed to go into the town of Bol. Sebastian, Pierre, Sophia, Bridget, and I got matching Croatia jerseys and Macklin got a matching bucket hat. Cameron, Anna, and Hannah browsed and bought many souvenirs. Then we had to get all of our belongings on the ferry to Korcula. On the ferry, Pierre, Bridget, Macklin, Sebastian, and I played the chess game. And Anna, Cameron, and Hannah were making bracelets. After the ferry, we got on our bus heading towards our resort. While on the drive, we sang songs like Let It Go from Frozen, and Feliz Navidad.

By: India

P.s. we are having too much fun!

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