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CM2 7/19/23 Blog

Hey everyone it’s Hannah! Today we woke up and had a great breakfast. Cameron and Anna started the day with a vlog on the GoPro. Then we headed on our 50 minute car ride to canyoneering. India and Pierre did a great job leading the group. Ronan worked hard despite not feeling his best. The instructors were extremely supportive helping us navigate through the difficult terrain. Sebastian was very brave jumping around all the rocks.

After canyoneering, we went browsing through the markets of Split. While shopping, Bridget and India got matching outfits. Then we went out to eat at an amazing restaurant. Over dinner we learned that Macklin has a hilarious sense of humor. We walked around old town Split and Kayla taught us many interesting historical facts about the town. After walking around, we all enjoyed delicious gelato. Sophia got Oreo flavor and loved it. Our group got a large assortment of flavors of cookie, mango, passionfruit, mint, coffee, and coconut. After gelato, we headed back to the hostel for evening meeting. That’s the end of day 2!

By: Hannah

P.S.- Mom and Dad I miss you and Tucker, hope New York was fun!

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