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CM2 7/18/23 Blog

Hey families and friends! Today we got up nice and early at 7am to go rock climbing. After our van ride, we played a game of “All My Neighbors” to learn more about each other. On the climbing wall, Cameron, Hannah, and Anna started out climbing first and Hannah was the first of the day to conquer to the tallest wall. Sebastian was our group photographer and he got some excellent pictures of the climbers. Everyone had fun and conquered at least one wall. After our climbing adventure, the group got back into the vans and on the drive, I pointed out all the fun European cars that are not sold in the USA. We got back to the hostel and had a “make your own sandwich bar” for lunch. After lunch, the group headed out to the Adriatic Sea for a swim.

When we got to the beach, India, Sophia, Bridget, Sebastian, Macklin, Pierre, and Ronan all had fun playing frisbee in the water. While swimming, Pierre saw a fish and had fun trying to catch it. Although he was unsuccessful, he had fun all the same. When we all got back to the hostel, Cameron, Anna, and Sebastian were on cook crew and made some yummy stir-fry for dinner. After dinner, we had our first evening meeting where we went over some trip expectations and got excited for the rest of the trip. Then we all headed off to bed and had a good nights sleep.

By: Bridget

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