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Croatia/Montenegro 1 Pre-Trip

Hi Croatia adventurers! Olivia and Kayla here. We are so excited to meet you in Split, Croatia and get our trip started! We had so much fun (and learned a lot) at staff training and we know we’re going to have an amazing trip. We will be calling families for our pre-trip phone call soon so if you see a 941 or 970 area code, please answer!

Here’s a little bit about us:

Olivia: Liv is from Florida and this is her third year as a BE trip leader. She loves exploring, chit chats, and laughing really hard. She’s a teacher and in graduate school at the University of Florida. Liv’s really looking forward to getting to know every single student and seeing them become the best version of themselves! 

Kayla: This is Kayla’s first year as a Bold Earth trip leader! She’s from Keystone, Colorado, and is looking forward to a sunny Balkan summer. Kayla is SO EXCITED to go canyoneering and for all of the small towns we’ll get to explore during our time together.

Pretty soon we’ll be starting to make our way to Croatia so we may be out of touch for a bit. Remember- we’ll be calling over the next day or two to go over the pre-trip procedures. Feel free to check out the Bold Earth website for any info you may need in the meantime! 

Thanks and we CAN’T WAIT TO MEET YOU!

-Olivia and Kayla

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